About Us

The Patient-Centered Media Lab (PCML) brings together patients, providers and researchers to synthesize and refine the design, development and dissemination of patient-centered health information technology (HIT) applications and devices. This overview is intended to inform community members, researchers and funders about PCML innovations and opportunities.


The past seven years have seen an explosion of health data and health applications. The tools that have been developed include transformative advances in electronic medical records, e-prescribing and the general collection and communication of health data. While academic healthcare institutions already have functioning clinical research and simulation units, such units use biomedical laboratory equipment in a space designed to mimic traditional patient care settings. The PCML meets the need for a new laboratory designed to understand and meet patient HIT needs and preferences. The media lab is about connecting with patients as informants and collaborators rather than research subjects. This has the effect of flattening traditional hierarchies and elevating the status of patients in order to learn from their perspectives.
Dr. Adam Perzynski is the Founding Director of the PCLM. Other Faculty in the lab include Dr. Eamon Johnson and Dr. Joe Sudano. Other members include Sandy Andrukat, Project Coordinator, Sarah Shick, Graduate Research Associate, and Roger Williams, Science Writer. Interns to the PCML have included Isaac Nicholas. Anupama Cemballi, and Tynan Smith.

Who We Are

Our Goals

1) Operate a laboratory where patients, computer scientists, social scientists and health care providers interact to design, develop and test new media that promote health. 10
2) Learn from interactions among persons, devices and software.
3) Inform future efforts to bring diverse constituents together in patient-centered clinical informatics projects through rigorous evaluation.
4) Collaborate with patients to develop efforts to educate patients about how to use HIT innovations more effectively.

Our current Projects

The PCML team has produced more than a dozen peer reviewed publications and presentations, including an invited discussion with the Commissioner of the FCC and presentations at the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, the American Public Health Association, and more.

Publications and Presentations

Healthy Life HRA

The HealthyLife Health Risk Assessment is a multi-platform health risk assessment software tool for use in primary care. The software has resulted in a patent filing and is currently being licenced to a startup company founded by Dr. Perzynski, Dr. Sundano, Dr. Johnson, and Mrs. Andrukat.
HealthStead is a point-of-care neighborhood risk assessment tool. This exciting work received second place in the deBeaumont Foundation "Bridging the Data Divide Challenge".


Healthy Moms HRA

Awarded an Honorable Mention at the first Cleveland Medical Hackathon, this software prototype is being piloted among young women in Cleveland in partnership with the Mom's First Initiative.
We have conducted multiple pilots if a video sharing project in which patients with chronic health conditions can share video stories of how they have worked to live healthy. Among the overall goals of this project is creation of a digital library of patient stories that promote healthy living.

Video Sharing to Improve Health

Methods in Text Mining for Diagnostic Radiology

This project examines computing approaches to solving the problem of detection of incidental findings in imaging study reports. These techniques have resulted in a dramatic improvement in accuracy compared with other techniques.
The Diabetes Prevention Program and Non-Immersive Virtual Reality exercise were combined in this project to determine how feasible and efficacious VR/Avatar fitness gaming is in promoting exercise and weight loss among older African American women, which has been found successful.

Sisters II: The Use of VR as a Motivator for Long-Term Weight Loss